suzana stankovic is an
actor, dancer and choreographer



Theatre & Film

Suzana is a fierce and fearless actress who craves the edge.

Photo by Ryan Shell

Suzana stands out for her range, bravery and depth. Her performances are brutally honest and intense.

Photo: Eric Bandiero

Theatre Artist

Suzana is both a pure actress and an independent dance-theatre artist, fusing dance and theatre to create emotional and psychological landscapes.

Photo by Ken Paprocki

In Her Own Words

My best training has been my own life. I have been the winner and the loser, loved and rejected, terrified, ashamed, confused, ecstatic, selfish, vicious and wounded. And in my most painful moments, I have been inclined toward extreme emotional states such as despair and rage-- this feeds my acting more than anything else. - Suzana Stankovic

Photo by Vitaliy Piltser


Recent Credits (partial list)

April 6th, 2014: Suzana stars in a promotional spot for SALUTOO iPhone and iPad skins. To see it, click here.


March 21-22,2014: Suzana premiered her dramatic new 30-minute dance-theatre work, Mistress of the Hour, at the Tank Theater in New York City. The show received an in-depth feature on, which can be found here.


February 15, 2014: Suzana performed to a sold-out crowd in a dual dance and theater role in the world premiere of 'Soft Horn' by international artist Nadja Marcin at Temp Art Space in the Tribeca art gallery district of New York City.


November 16-17, 2013: Suzana stars in 'Fighting for Roses', a surreal, short film about disillusionment annd heartbreak, directed by Lauren Greene.


March 22, 2013: Suzana was invited to present a 60-minute work at the cabaret theater of New York City's Cornelia St. Cafe. She unveiled her provocative dance-theatre/performance art creation, Strangers/Lovers, to a sold-out crowd. It was her first time performing in a cabaret setting and melding spoken poetry with movement.


February 21, 2013: Suzana gets up close like never before. She performed her fearless dance-theatre solo, BLOOD/NECTAR/GLITTER, chronicling her metamorphosis from girl to woman, in very intimate spaces with extreme proximity to the audience making for a very electric experience for all at the Rough & Ready Series on 2/4/13 and at Manhattan repertory Theatre on 2/21 & 2/22, in New York City.


December 8, 2012: Suzana collaborated and performed with award-winning avant-garde filmmaker and social activist, Joey Huertas a.k.a Jane Public in 'Where's the Child?' an expanded cinema piece featuring live dance and performance art at Mono No aware VI Festival. Read the press release here.


December 2012: Suzana played the role of 'Nellie', a disturbed and dangerous femme fatale in a short film noir by Sven Rethemeier.


June 2012: Suzana performed the lead female role of 'Rosa' in 'Don't Splash the Pot', a short film by Oliver Franks. Suzana had a ball playing tough, trampy 'Rosa'.


April 12, 2012: Suzana played the role of 'Kitty', a 20-something, bubble-gum poppin' chick with a Long Island accent who ends up in a scary situation in Mexico (in a short film inspired by Pulp Fiction).


March 20-May 15, 2012: Suzana is taking a nine-week scene study intensive with the illustrious director/producer, John Gould Rubin. This intimate class of eight actors is open to the public by invitation only. Come see Suzana and six other talented actors tackle great works from Shakespeare to today. Tuesday evenings from 7-10pm. To attend a class please e-mail Suzana{at}

Dember 2011: Suzana played the lead role of 'mechanical ballerina doll' in a short black and white film by budding filmmaker, Tess Kramer. Set to fantastical music by Bjork!


October 2011: Suzana performed the lead role of 'Sunshyne Mercy' in an exclusive staged reading of 'ME & D*CK', a debut novel by Cheryl Robinson at the Oral Fix Bar of the Museum of Sex in New York City. Suzana loved cracking up the audience!


Suzana performed the complex role of 'Tyler' in a challenging scene from Neil LaBute's renowned play, Some Girl(s) before a graduate film directing class at Columbia University where she made a splash. Faculty and students described her performance as "terrific", "very impressive" and "nuanced."


In 2011 Suzana began fusing poetry with physical theater, which culminated in her most recent show, Blood/Nectar/Glitter- a confessional and provocative body of work that explores repressed secrets, fears and desires through movement, theater and poetry by Suzana, Emily Dickinson and Anne Sexton. It premiered at Theater for the New City on August 25, 2011 as part of the 'Dream Up' Festival.


2010 was the year of Suzana's powerful independent statement. Her bold and provocative dance-theater show, Predestined, received numerous extended runs in New York City for sold-out audiences. 2010 was the year Suzana's range and depth as an actress/dancer/performance artist found full expression onstage and the year that her audience grew exponentially.


In July '09, Suzana produced and directed her first short film. This was a bold new step for her and an invaluable learning experience that will pave the way for future films.


In December '08 Suzana gave a riveting performance in Zenith, a new film by Award-winning writer/director, Vladan Nikolic, (Burn '01; Love '05), founder, Surla Films.


In November, '08, Suzana was photographed by Ivano Grasso for the stark and sexy, European-style promo poster and trailer of a new film by award-winning writer/director, Hoang A. Duong (Heavy Blow, 1994; Tom clay Jesus, '01)


In October '08, Suzana performed the lead role in an original one-act play by award-winning, NYU award-winner, Will Haraldson.  Suzana's character was an extremely troubled woman dealing with grief and anger.  The role was both gratifying and intense, requiring Suzana to move between extreme emotional states and to cry tears of both agony and liberation, all in one scene.


Suzana performed the lead role in A Night Over the Line, by Will Haraldson, Writer/Director:  A nasty attitude and one too many drinks land Suzana's character in a tragic situation, making this one of the darkest and most unsettling roles for her Suzana.


Suzana performed the lead role in Purple and Violet, by writer/director, Nestor Gonzalez. Two lonely souls on a romantic date gone sour; Suzana's character frustrated at her lack of suitable prospects. A story in which expectation and reality clash. 


Washington Heights Is My Home, Stuart Sudekum,  Director: Suzana's character, a young woman living in a tough neighborhood, is targeted by a bad guy and triumphs through a combination of luck and willpower.